My maternal grandfather and my paternal grandmother were both hobby painters, actually they were both really talented. One in Ohio, the other in Northern India and two generations later I am appreciating the artistic bloodline.

In India

While at my father's house this past spring, I was admiring the artwork of my paternal grandmother (pictured above with me in Delhi and Calcutta) that my father had brought back from India to display in his home. He said she took a painting class and these were two (pictured above of the deer and dogs) of several paintings she did during that time. I remember them hanging in various rooms and hallways in Rajo Villa when we would visit, but honestly had no idea she painted them all. He also brought back vintage photographs, restoring them and has been making copies for my sisters and I. The photos above include my paternal grandparents and my father as a young boy.

In Ohio

My late grandfather (pictured with me on my wedding day) mostly painted still life in oil, or landscapes. I actually used to paint beside him when I visited for the weekend. I wrote about that in a post on the joyababy blog a few years ago. When I think back to my childhood and my maternal grandparents, that was probably the most vivid memory of time spent with them.

I find it all so inspiring, how talented they were at an art they solely enjoyed as a hobby.