pretend play


If you have been following along in my journal, I mentioned a few posts back that my mom has a wonderful basement full of treasures, especially for entertaining. Well, we were talking earlier this fall about me purchasing a table for my 2 year old to "work" at and "have snack" at near the kitchen -where I am always working myself. And I was all ready to hit Lakeshore Learning or similar for the preschool sized table, when she had an idea. Buried under some other small tables, was an enamel top table that was perfect in size, shape and look with the exception of the legs being too tall for my 2 year old. "Take my saw!" she exclaimed. See how resourceful your mother can be?

Once I took a look at the table, with it's white enamel top and antique drawer knob- I was sold! So much more my style (and price) and would fit in nicely with our other home decor. I feel this is especially important in an older home (built in the 19 century), with fewer rooms on the first floor. We don't have a family room on the first floor or any play room near the kitchen, but we have a large dining room and living room. Here you will find the vintage table, with my 2 year old's favorites. I like to keep the items out for him minimal, and more in line with the Montessori aesthetic, like we do for our Montessori learning space. Actually Montessori activities and materials are meant to be seamless within the home space, just sized for the child.

Every once in awhile I will flip through the Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids or Ikea catalog and think "Oh that all goes together so perfectly for a play room or activity space..." feeling slightly defeated. And then I stop and look around, realizing that my style is more natural, eclectic, and maybe slightly imperfect. We like the "less is more"  and "having objects with history" type of philosophy, just like this vintage table.

On the newly re-purposed table you will find my busy toddler with:

a mix of architectural blocks from two sets one by Haba &  another by Noblesse in a thrifted wooden tray |  new wooden camera sized so perfectly for his hands | cute book about a toddler boy getting big | a version of the Montessori metal insets in a thrifted wooden bowl