Last week I started to set up the Montessori shelves for my toddler. I decided to purposely keep a few of his wooden toys on the shelves first, and then to slowly add some of the new Montessori works in the coming days and weeks. I want him to notice the new environment and explore with familiar items. He has totally fell in love with this special place already! It has become a little routine for us to drop off the older boys to school, come home and get our slippers on, mama her 2nd cuppa coffee and head to the third floor family room.

I made one small addition from the leftover felt after last weekend's birthday party. With scraps from the birthday banner and a handmade lizard came little tree tops and leaves for his wooden block set. He is fascinated with the leaves outside, which are only beginning to change and fall here in southern Ohio. He loves to gather them up with his brother's help and then, crumble them and shred them to bits. We are still at that stage, ha, so felt works great for indoors.

This is so simple, and opens up ideas for other nature scenes as the seasons change.